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Welcome to 1StopEnergies.com!

Here, we make available information surrounding Vortex Coil Research & Development; as well as hand crafted Vortex Coil units. Our ongoing research is driven towards learning new ways to combine existing technologies with unique toroidal coils designs. We aim to observe and understand the relationship between precision geometry, sound frequency, and resonance; while simultaneously finding new ways to maximize the performance of current electrical systems by incorporating these fundamentals.

Our goal is to progressively apply these concepts into fields ranging from biological tools, agricultural enhancers, energy amplifiers, or physics research devices. There are many ways to use the ideas presented here; and we share the information because we truly believe it to be a beneficial step towards a more sustainable tomorrow. 

 We hope you enjoy our site!

Each donation goes directly towards the design,
fabrication, and testing of our specialty Vortex Coils. Please show your support today with
any contribution; and promote new alternatives for environmentally friendly development!

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